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发布时间: 2021-12-31


2021 was a historic year at GE, capped by the announcement this fall that GE will go forward as three separate, industry-leading companies focusing on healthcare, energy and aviation. But 2021 also included a number of deals and partnerships that outlined how GE and its businesses plan to help shape the world in the future and make it more sustainable. Here’s a look back at the biggest news of the year that’s just ending.



 In early November, GE announced a “defining moment” in its history, a plan to form three global public companies, each a leader in its industry, focused on aviation, healthcare and energy. “We have a responsibility to move with speed to shape the future of flight, advance precision health and lead the energy transition,” said Larry Culp, GE’s chairman and CEO. “The momentum we have built puts us in a position of strength to take this exciting next step in GE’s transformation, enabling each of our businesses to realize their full potential.”

11 月初,通用电气宣布了其历史上的“决定性时刻”,计划组建三家全球上市公司,每家都是其行业的领导者,专注于航空、医疗保健和能源。 GE 董事长兼首席执行官拉里·卡尔普 (Larry Culp) 表示:“我们有责任快速行动,塑造飞行的未来、推进精准健康并引领能源转型。” “我们建立的势头使我们有能力在 GE 转型中迈出激动人心的下一步,使我们的每个业务都能充分发挥潜力。”


 In 2020, GE made a commitment to becoming carbon neutral in its own operations by 2030. In GE’s 2020 Sustainability Report, released in June 2021, the company announced an ambition to be net zero by 2050, including Scope 3 emissions from the use of sold products.

 2020年,GE 承诺到 2030 年在自己的运营中实现碳中和。在 GE 2021 6 月发布的 2020 年可持续发展报告中,该公司宣布到 2050 年实现净零排放的目标,包括使用已售出产品排放 


In July, New York announced plans to bring green hydrogen into its portfolio of sustainable energy solutions — and GE will help the state along the way. This fall, the Brentwood Power Station on Long Island began a full-scale demonstration project to test the feasibility of running on a blend of natural gas and clean-burning hydrogen. GE Gas Power, whose combustion turbine powers the station, will provide the blending technology and help execute the conversion. GE Gas Power is already an industry leader in the use of hydrogen, which is produced by splitting water molecules to yield oxygen and hydrogen.

7 月,纽约宣布了将绿色氢纳入其可持续能源解决方案组合的计划——通用电气将一路提供帮助。 今年秋天,长岛的布伦特伍德发电站开始了一个全面的示范项目,以测试使用天然气和清洁燃烧氢气混合运行的可行性。 GE燃气轮机为该站提供动力,将提供混合技术并帮助执行转换。 GE 已经是使用氢气的行业领导者,氢气是通过分解水分子产生氧气和氢气来产生。

 4天然气 + 氢气 = 更少的碳

 GE Gas Power’s family of HA — high-efficiency, air-cooled — gas turbines are some of the most efficient in the world, helping power plants in Europe and Asia set efficiency records. In December, GE and Harbin Electric Corporation announced that two GE 9HA.01 turbines will be installed in China’s Guangdong Province, where the state-owned utility will operate them on a blend of natural gas and up to 10% hydrogen. A 10% hydrogen-blended natural-gas-fired combined-cycle plant has roughly 40% of the CO2 emissions of a similarly sized coal plant. The amount of hydrogen in the fuel mix can grow and help this highly populated area reduce its carbon footprint further.

Across the world in Brazil, GE’s HA gas turbines are filling a different need. In that country’s Northeast region, renewables like wind and hydropower are major sources of energy, but when the wind isn’t blowing or reservoirs run low because of drought, the region needs to pull from other sources. One of those is now Porto de Sergipe I, Latin America’s largest combined-cycle gas-fired power plant in operation, where three GE 7HA.02 gas turbines help to meet up to 15% of the demand. Brazil also benefits from an interconnected power grid, which can allow the electricity generated by the plant to be shipped almost anywhere in the country.

 GE HA 家族——高效、风冷——燃气轮机是世界上最高效的燃气轮机之一,帮助欧洲和亚洲的发电厂创造了效率记录。 12 月,GE 和哈尔滨电气公司宣布将在中国广东省安装两台 GE 9HA.01 涡轮机,国有公用事业公司将在那里使用天然气和高达 10% 的氢气混合运行它们。一个 10% 的氢混合天然气联合循环发电厂的二氧化碳排放量约为类似规模的燃煤发电厂的 40%。燃料混合物中的氢含量可以增加,并帮助这个人口稠密的地区进一步减少碳足迹。

在巴西,GE HA 燃气轮机正在满足不同的需求。其中之一是 Porto de Sergipe I,这是拉丁美洲最大的联合循环燃气发电厂,其中三台 GE 7HA.02 燃气轮机有助于满足高达 15% 的需求。巴西还受益于互联电网,该电网可以使工厂产生的电力几乎可以运送到该国的任何地方。 


In November, GE announced that its airline leasing business, GE Aviation Capital Services, and Ireland’s AerCap had been combined to form one industry-leading company. Larry Culp, GE’s chairman and CEO, called it a “tremendous catalyst, enabling us to focus on our industrial core and accelerate our deleveraging plan.” The transaction is a “significant milestone in GE’s transformation to a more focused, simpler, stronger high-tech industrial company," he added. Click here to find out more.

11 月,GE 宣布其航空租赁业务 GE Aviation Capital Services 和爱尔兰的 AerCap 已合并为一家行业领先的公司。 GE 董事长兼首席执行官拉里·卡尔普 (Larry Culp) 称其为“巨大的催化剂,使我们能够专注于我们的工业核心并加快我们的去杠杆化计划。” 他补充说,此次交易是“通用电气向更专注、更简单、更强大的高科技工业公司转型的重要里程碑”。

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